We combine our extensive experience in the performing arts with over two-decades working in Corporate America to ensure that when the Spotlight finds you, you will be ready.

You are in the Spotlight whether you are pitching in an elevator, leading a small meeting or presenting in front of a large audience or anything in between.
In fact, as a leader you are always in the Spotlight. Are you ready? Does the idea of being in the Spotlight with everyone’s attention focused on you, leave you looking for an excuse or a place to run and hide? Or perhaps you enjoy the Spotlight, however you would like to learn how to formulate and deliver the most dynamic message. Contact us to explore how we can best serve your needs.

Our Mission

At Spotlight Coaching we prepare you for your time in the Spotlight by showing you how to:
  • Tap into your natural magnetism and charisma
  • Declare your expertise with an impactful story
  • Capture awe while capturing your audience
  • Prepare and rehearse as the best presenters do, no winging it again
  • Present with authoritative and authentic expression and credibility
  • Be specific, real and dynamic in your presentation
  • Understand and identify with your audience to create a true connection
  • Break through the barriers that stop you from being confident and having fun!

Contact us today for your free consultation to explore how we can help you shine in the Spotlight.