Thank you for your interest in Spotlight Coaching’s unique training programs designed to ensure that no matter the type of “stage” you are on, you will shine!
Coaching Approach

Our approach to coaching is highly focused and flexible to meet your needs;

  • 1:1 coaching focused on developing your brand and presentation skills
  • 1:1 coaching to prepare you for a specific presentation/keynote speech/TED Talk/job interview
  • Team training focused on developing presentation skills
  • Team coaching to focus on preparing for a specific presentation
  • Weekly 1 hour “workouts” via Zoom
  • Or a combination of what is needed to ensure success
A Presenter Prepares

Recognize, embrace and leverage your own personal style and signature by learning:

  • Techniques to prepare yourself mentally and physically
  • Techniques to conquering nerves and not getting rattled when things go wrong
  • How to become an authentic and confident speaker whether it be in front of an audience of 1 or 1000
  • How to successfully engage, inspire, inform & influence the audience
  • How to incorporate the Art of Storytelling to gain trust, inspire action and achieve desired results
  • How to incorporate humor to infuse a desired result
  • Effective communication skills with clients from running virtual meetings, phone conversations, email and text messages to lunch discussions
  • How to use your voice effectively and techniques to warm up your “instrument”
  • Leveraging the power and impact of videos
  • Rehearsal & memorization techniques
Content Development

We help organize and craft your content to ensure success by;

  • Brainstorming compelling and relatable topics
  • Identifying and understanding the audience
  • Ensuring original approach
  • Drafting presentation outline and content
  • Editing presentations
  • Finalizing presentations
  • Creating dynamic PowerPoint presentations
  • Refreshing resumes and LinkedIn profiles
  • Writing short and long bios to spotlight your unique story

Spotlight on Clients

Amara Barroeta

Jenny Watts

Nicole Roundy

Valerie Alexander

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